In the light of the Person- centered paradigm change of Medical Science, Medicine and Medical Education, the Milan School of Medicine , leader in the world in Person-Centered Medicine teaching, promotes since 2002 , the Master in Person-Centered Medicine ,directed by prof. Giuseppe R.Brera MD  author  of the Person- Centered Medicine epistemological theory and is addressed to teach theory and the clinical skills and method for teaching Person-Centered Medicine and its application: the Person-Centered Medicine Clinical Method that changes and integrates the traditional one.

The Master in PCM in part of the Person-Centered Medicine International Program and allows the admission to the PhD in Person-Centered Medicine and to “Licentia Docendi” for acquiring teaching skills in PCM.

The Master is modular with a modular evaluation of the learning and modular registration. It is released on line and live according to the program published the linked page.

The participants will learn:

  1. the  Paradigm Change in Medicine and  Medical Science
  2. the Person-Centered Medicine epistemological theory and its ethical-anthropological principles
  3. the Person-Centered Clinical Method taught in the Milan School of Medicine since the Academic Year 1999-2000

The registration will allow the admission in the Person Centered Medicine International Academy as a member and confers an international Diploma



Only a number limited of physicians is admitted : 20

Modular registration fee: 500 euro. Full registration: 2000

The live week is at the Summer University in PCM in Viareggio (LU) or in Milan in a fall session.

You can find the registration pro-forma on Person-Centered Medicine International Program

Le Master in PCM est donné aussi en langue Francaise

Il master in PCM è erogato anche il lingua italiana

À la lumière du changement de paradigme de la science médicale, l’École de médecine de Milan instaure le Master en Medécine Centrée sur la Personne qui a promu depuis 2002.

Le Master , dirigée par le Pr Giuseppe R. Brera, auteur de la théorie épistémologique de la Médecine centrée sur la personne, a pour objectif d’enseigner la Théorie de Médecine centrée sur la personne  et la Méthode clinique centrée sur la personne. Cette méthode englobe et modifie l’approche traditionnelle de la médecine.

Les participants deviendront membres de l’Académie internationale de la Médecine centrée sur la personne (Person Centered Medicine International Academy).
Requirements for admission

Acceptation of “La Charte Mondiale de la Santè-the World Health Charter

Other informations/information/Informazioni

Person-Centered Medicine 

Clinical results of teaching

  Person Centered Medicine and WHO

Person-Centered Medicine

Pour plus de renseignements :

Official languages: English-French

The venue of the live week in Milan: Niguarda-CaGranda Hospital


Educational credits for the Ph.D in Person Centered Medicine and “Licentia Docendi”

[1] Brera G.R. La medicina centrata sulla persona e la formazione dei medici nel terzo millennio. Con l’introduzione di Iosef Seifert : I sette scopi della medicina (Person Centered Medicine and Medical Education in  third Millennium with the introduction of Iosef Seifert . The seven aims of Medicine it.) Pisa:IEPI-Università Ambrosiana; 2001

[2] Brera G.R  Person Centered medicine . Theory,teching research. 2011; Int.J.Pers.Cent.Med. I;1:69-79

3 Giuseppe R.Brera Medical Science and Health Paradigm Change. Milano, Università Ambrosiana, 2018

4 Giuseppe R.Brera The Person-Centered Medicine Manifesto. Medicine-Mind and Adolescence. Medicine, Mind and Adolescence 1999, XIV, 1-2 available online

Address to send the admission form


                         phone  +3902 94752457 – fax +390247921330